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This is a community for sharing icons relating to The Boondocks, a cartoon on the [adult swim] based on the comic series by Aaron McGruder.

Starting 09/18/06, we will be hosting weekly icontests. However icon requests can still be made

The rules: (some concepts borrowed from aswimcontest)

01.) The submissions post will go up on Sunday night and will stay open until Friday night @ 11 p.m. CT. The voting post will then be posted soon after and will stay up until Sunday night @ 11 p.m. CT, and the process repeats. You get it, right?

02.) That being said, you must be a member of this community to submit/vote. It's common sense, but I just wanted to make sure it's clear.

03.) Up to three icons may be submitted to the submissions post per member per week.

04.) Text, animations, blends, brushes, textures, etc. are allowed unless specifically said otherwise.

05.) When voting, you are allowed to vote for yourself if you think that you deserve it. Voting is also weighed, so it is important to clarify which icon you are choosing for first (+ 5 points), second (+3 points), and third (+1 point) places. If there are enough submissions, a Mod's Choice will also be chosen.

06.) When submitting icons, please follow this format:


Username: tanie_05
Icon URL: http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e391/tanie_05icons/The%20Boondocks%20icons/TheBoondocksicon16-tanie_05_icons.png
Anything Else: Please credit to tanie_05_icons.

07.) Once again, this is one of those rules that every icontest community has, but hey, it bears repeating. Please submit new icons for each challenge, and DO NOT share/use/take the submissions until the contest is over. If you would like to use a submission as an icon, please ask the icon maker him/herself directly and obey their rules.