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Icontest Week 1 Submissions [
8/10/ 1:44 pm

[ mood | good ]

::pokes life into community::

Hi guys! It's been a while in the making, but I'm here to kick off our weekly icontests!

But first, the rules.

...which will be added to the community info in a few minutes.Collapse )

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here!

...and now on with the contest!

This week, I'm going to give you 6 images, and all you have to do is make some kick-butt icons with them!

Click me for the images.Collapse )

Only one icon per cap, so choose carefully!

Submissions will run until Friday, 18 August @ 11 p.m. CT. Good luck!


Boondocks typeface [
6/24/ 11:36 am

I was reminded in another forum by tanie_05 of something I ought to have done a bit sooner. Late last week I went hunting for a font either identical to or resembling the lettering used in the Boondocks comic strip and in the end credits of the show. I searched on appropriate terms at dafont.com but got nothing, so I decided to trawl the Comic theme section of that site. Two pages in I found 'Comics', which is identical to the Boondocks font. I don't know why the font isn't named more accurately. The zipfile doesn't contain a readme that tells anything about the font, and the font properties as shown in Windows font viewer are no more revealing. Even so, it looks like the real deal. I hope folks looking to make Boondocks icons and other imagery will find the font useful.

5/23/ 7:19 pm

hey hey true believers! (ha who am i referrencing).

sorry there hasnt been any icons from me in awhile. i took a long break from the internet. also it's hard to create things when your mind is elsewhere.

starting in june i plan on having weekly theme icon contests. so if any of you have any ideas for themes. please feel free to throw them out there.

also goodluck to everyone currently taking finals. and congrats to those of you who are graduating. stay tuned for more.

hi! [
5/7/ 9:47 pm

I made this....
it's my first attempt, please be gentle :-)


10 Quote Icons [
4/6/ 7:01 pm

[ mood | good ]

...are located here, among a bunch of others.


- K. Thomas


3/28/ 7:20 pm

[ mood | creative ]

[x] 4 Kim Possible
[x] 6 The Boondocks [:
Tease Me:
Image hosting by Photobucket : Image hosting by Photobucket : Image hosting by Photobucket

( Clicky )


3/26/ 7:57 pm

we have a layout finally. thanks largely in part to tanie_05.

i inturn changed the colors. anyways we are good to go.

hey hey i know it's not the boondocks. but enjoy them all the same [
3/21/ 5:09 pm


look inside your cracker jacks box for more prizesCollapse )

3 Sets of wallpapers, banners/headers, and icons and a Boondocks mood theme... [
3/20/ 1:11 am

[ mood | sleepy ]

...are located at my graphics journal.

Mood theme:  here
Wallpapers/Banners/Headers/Icons:  here

Previews:  , , and

Thanks guys.

-K. Thomas


new icons [
3/15/ 8:51 am

won first place at aswimcontest for Turn Away

come and get emCollapse )

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